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5 Ways To Be Hot (as in sexy, not sweaty!) While Working Out.

If you're a beginner at the gym, it's intimidating enough walking in and seeing girls with big butts in their tight leggings and guys casually bench pressing 8 thousand pounds... meanwhile you can hardly hold the weight of the amount of nacho cheese you put on your chips - am i right ;) because that's 100p me.

So how does one gain confidence in the gym?

I just wanna start out by saying... be your own hype-man. YOU GOT THIS. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bettering yourself even if you've tried 100 times before. This is YOUR time. Fall down 7 times, get up 8. Does that apply here? It does now. Feel Your Best So when I first started working out, I didn't give a sh*t about what I looked like or what I wore. I mean I'd literally walk in with 3 day old hair, no makeup, a baggy, barely alive t-shirt, and my too large Walmart sweatpants with bleach stains from when I was cleaning my bathtub a couple years ago. LOL. I'm not kidding though. Like... SO NOT CUTE. I was just like, "FOR SURE no one's asking me out today and I'm about to be even uglier after this workout". WRONG LOL. I never realized how much better I felt about going into the workout when I knew I tried at least a little bit. I don't mean try like when you tried going to school looking hella cute and your mom would be like "what is this - a fashion show?" LOL was that just Indian moms? Probably. But what I really mean is how much better you feel about yourself when things fit the right way and you look (kinda) cute. So here are 5 ways to look SEXY for your workout:

1. Buy Breathable Materials: Sweat stains? A BIG NO-NO. You can't help your sweating, but what you CAN do is prevent it from showing. Nylon, polyester, spandex... etc. You gotta do some trial and error (as well as research based on your skin type). Some materials may have low absorbency but maybe smells stick to them. Some people prefer cotton because it's soft on the skin but cotton typically isn't the best material to wear if you plan to break a sweat. Do ya research!

2. Wear Dark Colors: This goes hand in hand with #1. It mostly applies for those that get big sweat stains but wear dark colors if you know you get 'em! Also - I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure every human looks incredible in black. ALSO! Black is slimming. WIN WIN! :)

3. Buy Exciting Gear: Okay so I know this seems contradicting based on #2 but not all of us are always going for intense, sweaty workouts. Sometimes you're going for a good yoga session. Sometimes the Eliptical doesn't spice up your pits... idk. But one way I found myself getting excited to go to the gym was the fact that I got to wear my neon pink sports bra under my new cute tank top that shows part of my tat with printed leggings. You know what I'm getting at? Buy workout gear that makes you feel good but also gets you excited to wear it. MOTIVATION!

4. Sports Bras Matter: I know I mentioned the importance of the perfect bra in a previous post, but it also applies to sports bras. You don't want to be oozing out of your sports bra bc you think it looks hot. It most probably does not. Buy a comfortable, FITTED sports bra that not only keeps those babies in but provides support all around (to prevent health issues later).

5. "Bare" Faced Beauty: I'm sure it's like AWFUL for your skin to wear any sort of makeup but half the time I'm going to the gym from work and don't have proper makeup wipes on me. All I can say about this is not all of us are perfect and yes I do blame some of my breakouts on the fact that I workout with makeup sometimes BUT if you're going to because either you need the extra confidence boost (WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE. I totally would prefer having makeup on) or you genuinely just don't have anything to take it off - go for the natural look. You can typically find really good tinted sunscreens that add a little color to hide those Chanel bags under your eyes or the swollen part on your cheek from popping a pimple earlier that week (oops). I also know how ugly a runny eyeliner look is. I've sworn by this Revlon eyeliner the last like 15 years of my life. I even wing my eyeliner and it still won't smudge down my face.

There's like a million more tips to make yourself feel great about going to the gym but no matter what you end up doing, just be proud of the fact that you're even going. I mean like... go you!


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