Top Netflix Movies To Watch

Stop scrolling through Netflix for 2 hours and finally KNOW what you want to watch!

I'm not going to give any description about the movies - this is just a list of movies I'd recommend for those of you that spend more time scrolling through Netflix than actually watching something. Here's a list of *better quality* Netflix movies

*Not in any order*


⚪ Fractured - A typical WTF movie... are you going crazy or is everyone else around you crazy?

⚪ Clinical - I'm all about psychological thrillers

⚪ The Talented Mr Ripley - I love me some baby Jude Law and Matt Damon - this is more drama maybe

⚪ What Lies Beneath - Harrison Ford playing the role of a husband with a normal life and marriage... or is it?


⚪ Would You Rather - Edge of your seat for almost 2 hours kind of movie

⚪ The Ring - Had nightmares when I first watched it in 2002. Get nightmares when I watch it today

⚪ The Autopsy Of Jane Doe - Surprisingly a higher rated horror movie than most I've seen



⚪ Silver Linings Playbook - Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence... you can't go wrong

⚪ Perks Of Being A Wallflower - A light, coming of age story

⚪ Julie & Julia - A long movie, but entertaining and bright

⚪ My Week With Marilyn - For us old film geeks. As if Norma Jeane were still alive

⚪ What's Eating Gilbert Grape - Baby Depp and Di Caprio and as always, phenomenal acting


⚪ The Theory Of Everything - The life of Stephen Hawking - get the tissues ready

⚪ The Danish Girl - Also a real story. Best for the art fans

⚪ A Cinderella Story - CLASSIC Hilary Duff LOL

⚪ Her - A little weird but forever a Joaquin Phoenix fan


⚪ Sherlock Holmes - Holmes and Watson - the perfect team

⚪ Golden Eye - Forever a classic

⚪ Inception - In case you need to watch it for the 5th time to really understand it bc I still...don'

⚪ Salt - A typical action-packed Angelina Jolie film

Get ready to become one with your couch! (As if we all weren't already)


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