Tik Tok Famous Breakfast Sandwich: Sautéing With Sudha [18]

I don't know why this technique has suddenly blown up when its been around foreva, but here's how to do it. STILL GOOD AF.

Tik Tok Famous Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Prep/Cook Time: 5-7 Minutes

Serving Size: 1

What You'll Need:

•2 eggs

•2 slices of bread

•1/2 tbsp butter

•mayo (optional)

toppings of choice: i used red onion, pickled jalapeños, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon

seasonings: crushed red pepper, dried parsley, garlic powder, salt + pepper - all according to taste

How To:

➊ Heat up a pan on low-medium and let your butter melt. In the meantime, crack two eggs in a bowl and add your seasonings.

➋ Once the pan is warm (you don't want it too hot, otherwise your butter and egg will burn), pour in your egg mixture to fill the bottom of the pan. Add a thin layer of mayo to 1 side of each bread slice (for the extra crispiness), and put the dry side flat onto the egg mixture.

➌ Wait until the egg isn't runny anymore and flip so the egg is on top now. Add your toppings on top of the egg. Fold the edges of the egg onto the bread and flip one slice of bread onto the other to create a sandwich. Leave the bread on the pan to toast a little longer.

Enjoy your incoming food coma!


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