$ave Major Buck$ When $hopping

Wanna ball on a budget? Here are some ways to save some straight staxxx on your next purchase!

Honestly, I love being "cheap". I mean it's obviously not the kind where like I'll ask you to pay me back $1.78 but it's the kind where I'll get really excited if I find a deal that saves me even 5 bucks. Like I will literally go only where the sale is. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I bought something that was full price. The same excitement girls share when they have pockets in their dress is the same kind of excitement I tell people about my sales LOL.

Now, for someone that has a shopping addiction but negative dollas in the bank, I had to find a way to feed into this addiction without struggling even harder

Use these tips to TREAT YO'SELF the right way:

1. Rakuten: I think most people already know what this is but they're unsure if it's a scam or not. Well let me tell you... it's NOT. The only catch is you don't receive your money back immediately. #Rakuten basically is affiliated with almost any site I've been on and offers cash back based on what kind of site (airlines, clothes, groupon, walgreens, etc). Literally ANYTHING. It may not be much, but there's a satisfaction in knowing you saved a lil bit. Likeeee I'd be so down to book a hotel if it's $100 vs $115 a night.

2. Amazon Prime: WORTH. IT. I think you realize how much you can actually get from #Amazon when you actually start using it. Before I had my membership I wasn't really using it because I was unaware of how much stuff I could actually get at a good price. For example, I found a book at the bookstore for $30 and $13.99 on Amazon (next day shipping is also a plus). Last minute gifts? AMAZON SAVES LIVES. I believe $119 for the year and $60 a year for students. A tip: take your returns to Kohls (that accepts Amazon returns) for a confirmation receipt and a 25% off #kohls coupon!!

3. Honey / Wikibuy: This lets you be an even lazier human being and finds promo codes for you. I've found some of my best deals thanks to #honey and #wikibuy. Say goodbye to full priced items!

4. Groupon Select: just $5 a month and your savings are ENDLESS. Hair color and cuts, #groupon goods, hotels, laser HAIR REMOVAL!! I've saved hundreds of dollars just because I got an extra discount on their already heavy discounted prices. It doesn't get any better than this

God Bless being the Savings Queen (or King)!


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