The Best Fit to Fit in More T-Giving Food [Sweatpants Edition]

Incoming food coma? GOTCHUUU GIRL!! Here are my recommendations for your (lazy) Thanksgiving dinner outfit...errrr...sweatpants....

So I don't know about you, but my favorite Thanksgiving dinner outfit is literally sweatpants and a t-shirt LOL. Sure - I'll dress up for the 'party' beforehand, but I'll change right before eating just so I can fit AS MUCH FOOD AS POSSIBLE in my belly. Yes - I do feel sick after (sometimes even during). Yes - I will do it again the next year. Leave me alone..........

So at first I was going to make this post about "cute" Thanksgiving outfits but kinda bummy so it still related to me saying I wear sweatpants and a t-shirt but screw it - instead, let me rate sweatpants I own myself (because I don't mean to brag... but I am a sweatpants pro). Here's my short and sweet list:

  1. Mens sweatpants from H&M. Joggers for 20 bucks? Best winter purchase EVER. First of all.. they're so soft it's like you're walking in (through? on?) pillows. Also, because they're for men you can make them high waisted for the extra protection (you know... so your stomach doesn't explode while you're eating). Another bonus - theres an elastic drawstring so if you want your booty poppin', your booty WILL be poppin'. BONUS BONUS, everyone deserves the kind of love my legs get from these pants so here's the link to snag them for yourself.

  2. Walmart oversized sweats. Okay... can you ever go wrong with Walmart's sweats collection? No shape, no extra tightness, airy, flowy, massive... what else do you even really need? Thats not even sarcasm... they are so incredibly comfortable that I actually bought a RED PAIR because I already bought all the normal colors LOL. I can't even remember how much I bought them for BECAUSE THEY LITERALLY LAST FOREVER AND I BOUGHT THEM LIKE 8 YEARS AGO. But... it's Walmart. Walmart hooks you up so good.

I know i've only referenced two different kinds of sweats but honestly any pair of men's sweats from H&M is HIGHLY approved because I own like 7 different pairs and DO, in fact, plan on getting many more. And honestly I love Walmart so much that I think suggesting another store would just be betraying it.



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