Start Getting Ready To Travel Post-Quarantine NOW!

Getting antsy being stuck at home? Here's how to plan for your next trip so you can get out ASAP after quarantine-ing!

I know I'm not the only one getting angry because my alarm wakes me up from my laying-on-the-beach dream at 8am 6 times a week. So unless you live by water and palm trees (I hate you JK LOL NOT REALLY THO), you know your hometown is nice and all but you're ready for some vitamin SEA. Like most, I TOO had to cancel a vacation due to COVID-19 but that doesn't mean I can't start planning for my next trip. The second we're *safely* allowed to travel again, I'M OUT. Here are some ways to start planning for your next trip so you're ready to go:

  1. Save Dat $$$: The most obvious, obviously. Take advantage of having to stay in! No more bars, no more rooftop parties, no more cabs... even IM blown by how much I was spending on Ubers... If you're ordering in a lot, learn to cook. Hey, you're already on my site - check out Sautéing with Sudha for literally the easiest and YUMMIEST recipes. If you're not much of a saver, start putting aside just $20 a week. $20. That's it. If you can afford more, do it. Get a cheap mason jar and label it 'vacation funds' with a cute label (check out this shop for inspo).

  2. Know Where To Look: One of the easiest ways I've found cheap plane tickets is by using Google Flights and searching flexible dates. I can't even tell you how many times I've found roundtrips for less than $100. Yes - you may have to travel on a Thursday but you can plan your days off for next year according to the cheapest flights you find. You can also go to sites like Kayak and Hopper to find great deals. I ALSO highly recommend Scotts Cheap Flights. Scott DEF knows whats up.

  3. Do Your Research: Having a specific place in mind can help with how to plan and save for expenses during your trip. I've found Groupon and Living Social to be extreme money-savers even for when I travel. Not only can you find great deals for restaurants you've looked up, but you can also find hotels and activities for MAD cheap. You can find great deals that don't expire for months and sometimes even up to a year. Groupon also has cash-back deals you can link to your card and a monthly subscription called Groupon+ where you get exclusive deals (I've saved a ridiculous amount of money with Groupon +). Aside from Groupon and Living Social, you have the time to research for transportation deals and find out which hotels have perks like free breakfast and happy hours.

Check out my other post, How To Pack Like A Pro, to save on baggage fees! There is NO reason why you can't go crazy traveling once this quarantine is over. Make it happen, Cap'n!


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