Smaller Waist Life Hacks!

Lets be honest... not that you need to look any better, but sometimes we just want more flattering photos. Here are some tips to make your waist to look smaller!

Look... I know we should all be about ~*positive body vibes*~ and everything but sometimes I just want a cute tiny waist without having to wait 10 months for the gyms results to show. Now, I love my body. I think I work hard and truly appreciate the results I've been getting so far BUT! Sometimes thats not good enough for me because I like to complain LOL. So I've learned to finesse the photos and learned the best angles and tricks and tips and just... what a girl would want to know about how to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Okay... here we go. My top 3 tips:

  1. CROPPED JACKETS! Yes!! You want to get a cropped jacket that is high enough to accentuate your natural shape. Think about it... if you're wearing a jean jacket that ends at your hips, it looks like you have literally zero shape. We all know our hips are usually the widest part of our bodies. With a cropped jacket, you'll be able to see the sexy natural body shape you have instead of it hiding under a regular jacket. This also applies for tucking in shirts into your pants. Which leads me to my next...

  2. HIGH WAISTED PANTS! Omg... not only is this the best thing to ever happen to women but it's like the cutest and hottest trend right now. Feeling bloated? High waisted pants. Feeling lazy but gotta go out? High waisted pants. Did some squats earlier and wanted to show off that booty pump? HIGH. WAISTED. PANTS. The best part is that when you wear a cropped shirt, it doesn't hide your natural body shape. That being said, always tuck in your longer shirts. My advice? Wear a body suit. Not only is that the cutest outfit ever but say goodbye to checking every 4 minutes to make sure your shirt is always tucked in properly. A *tip* when shopping for high waisted pants - look for butt pockets that are placed a little higher up on the bum. It creates the illusion of a more rounder tushy. Sooo basically all Fashion Nova high waisted pants. Sounds obvious but like... is it...

  3. BELTS! Quick and easy. Instead of wearing a straight oversized shirt that looks like a garbage bag you found under the kitchen sink... add a cute thin belt and you've got yourself an hour glass shape! A tip? Find a belt that clashes with your shirt... but in a good way. Example: a black oversized t shirt with a snake skin thin belt. A little animal print never hurt NOBODY. A belt on your high waisted pants will ALSO help a girl out.

I clearly take my own tips VERY seriously. See some pics below ... BODY SUITS! MINI BELTS! HIGH WAISTED JEANS BUT ALSO HIGH WAISTED REGULAR PANTS! TUCKED IN SHIRTS! I'm tellin' you... it works :)


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