Small Closet Organizational Tips

Just because you have a small closet, doesn't mean you deserve to struggle. Maximize space with these tips 'n' tricks!

I know, of all people, how much it sucks having a small closet. If you follow me on Instagram and you've seen my closet, it's pretty unbelievable how I fit that many clothes into such a little space. Here's how I finesse:

1. Velvet Hangers: Velvet hangers not only make your closet look cleaner, but it keeps your clothes still and prevents them from steady sliding off. Win-win-win. Typically you can find velvet hangers that are super slim, so you can finesse for a couple extra inches in your closet.

2. Pull Tabs: Use these to your advantage! If you have enough "vertical" space, place a pull tab from a soda can through the hook of the hanger. It creates layers without bulking. See image below that I copped from Google Images because I'm too lazy to go upstairs and take pics lol

3. Floor Space: not useless! Create a shoe rack, add in buildable cubbies, put in some single or stacking drawers... the possibilities are endless. Floors aren't always meant to be clean ;) Make use of that space!

Happy organizing!


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