Self Care: 101

It's easy to get caught up in a life where prioritizing yourself is the last thing on your list of 'Things To Do'. Use these tips to take care of your mind, body, and soul!

It's incredible how much 'me time' most people lack in their lives. Either we're too busy with work or family, we're too consumed with technology, or we just forget that 'me time' is even a thing. No - this doesn't apply to only women. It's just as important for men to practice self care regularly even if it feels like a 'girly' thing to do. Fortunately, there are many ways to do it - you just need to figure out what works for you. Here are some tips you can follow to practice good self care:

  1. Caffeine War: Stop running on a coffee to water ratio of 12:1 LOL. YOU'RE DEHYDRATED. Drink water. Make it interesting if you hate the taste. Check out my post called 'Detox The Healthy Way' (linked) that lists out ways to funk up and infuse your water if it's too blah for you. 64 oz of water a day people! GET THERE! Most of the time, we're constantly dehydrated and don't even realize it because we live our everyday lives feeling that way and we think thats 'normal'. When you up your water intake to the recommended amount, it's mind blowing how different and BETTER you feel. Try it out for even just a week and you'll see.

  2. Rest is Best: If you're running on a caffeine to water ratio of 12:1 because you're always exhausted, maybe it's time to start prioritizing your rest time. I get it - life is hectic with juggling work and whatever else you have going on. It's even MORE hectic if you have little kiddies. But it's really easy to say we just don't have the time to sleep because we're too busy and don't want to change the routine we're already in. Here are some life hacks to follow so you can find more time throughout the day: • Meal Prep: Take a few hours out every Sunday to meal prep your week. If you're cooking for multiple people in the house, this is even better. Buy some cheap tupperware off Amazon or from Ikea and stock up your fridge every Sunday for lunches and dinners. I've found the easiest (and super filling) breakfasts are overnight oats. Get a mason jar (to make it fun), prep it in literally 3 minutes the night before, throw it in the fridge, grab it and go in the morning. You can find the best and easiest recipes on Pinterest (I just made one that literally tasted like a chocolate brownie with bananas on top). Meal prepping saves an unbelievable amount of time during the week and allows you to eat healthy, home cooked meals instead of ordering in because you're too tired to cook. Check out Pinterest for the easiest (and healthy) meal prep options. You DO NOT need to be a chef to do this. Meal prepping is not only great for saving time throughout your week but practicing self care also means watching the stuff you put into your body. Start eating better and stop ordering in! Like I said, 1. Pinterest and 2. you do not need to be a chef to cook what you find on there. Oh and also, if you pick up breakfast every morning from a drive through - you're definitely spending more time waiting in a line than the amount of time it takes to make AND grab your overnight oats from the fridge. JUST SAYIN'. Put The Phone Down: I sound like a parent, but it's true. Put the technology down (not just your phone)! Set a specific amount of time you can spend every day watching tv or scrolling through Tik Tok (or any other app lol). Sleep is now the prioritization! I've found myself scrolling on social media apps for hours before sleeping even when I'm exhausted. Have you tried reading a book before bed? I fall asleep within 5 minutes LOL. Try it next time you feel like watching tv and scrolling on your phone is the only way you can relax before bed. • To Plan Is The Plan: Plan out your days! I know before I was actually planning out my days, I was running around wasting my time trying to figure out what I need to do next all day. Even if you need to plan out every hour of your day, do it. Plus, it feels great when you get to cross things off your list. IT REALLY DOES! Buy a cute planner and pens from Target and start. You'll feel more accomplished and you'll realize you have more time during your days than you actually thought. By adding structure to your days, you'll be able to find some more free time for yourself while also completing all the tasks you needed to get done.

  3. Take A Walk: Literally... take a walk. If you exercise already, GREAT! That was my point. But I also know that not everyone gets to exercise every day or they still need that burst of motivation to just get up and go. It's not easy, I know. But if you're not someone that is working out regularly, then some sort of exercise is necessary. If you live somewhere with nice weather, you're lucky. But if you're like me that suffers through a 9 month winter LOL (a little dramatic... but it feels like it), then walking outside isn't always an option. If you can get a FitBit, Apple watch, or even just buy a pedometer on your phone, DO IT. You can set goals for yourself and watching your achievements can be extremely motivating. If you can't take walks after work / school, then find ways to be more active throughout the day. If you work, go for quick & brisk walks in your hallways. If you go to school, take the long way to classes. If you work from home, run up and down the stairs a few times throughout the day. If you're able to be active outside at all, thats a bonus. There are studies that show being outdoors can significantly improve your health (including mental). Get your body movin'!

There are hundreds of ways to practice self care, we just have to take out the time to figure out what makes our souls happy! Always remember to be open to trying new things and be willing to break a routine. Happy Me Time!


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