Roasted Tomato & Hummus Bread: Sautéing With Sudha [25]

If you're a bread lover like me, you'll find any reason to make a meal or snack with it. I'm at that point where I literally can rip off a piece of any loaf and eat it like that. To all my fellow bread lovers, this recipe will satisfy your craving at any time of the day! To my non-bread lovers, this will ALSO satisfy a craving at any time of the day LOL! The perfect combination of warm, toasted bread, smooth and hearty hummus, bright and fresh tomatoes, and some salty feta cheese. It doesn't get better than that!

Roasted Tomato & Hummus Bread

Prep/Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Serving Size: 2

What You'll Need: •your choice of bread (loaf)

•1-2 cups of cherry tomatos

•1-2 tbsp olive oil

•1/2-1 tsp garlic powder

•your choice of hummus

•feta cheese (optional)

How To:

➊ Preheat the oven at 350 degrees. Cut up your choice of bread into two medium-large slices. Add your tomatoes onto a baking sheet, drizzle them in olive oil and sprinkle garlic powder on top.

➋ Once the oven is ready, throw your tomatoes in for about 10-15 minutes - make sure to check frequently so they don't explode / burn. You want them to look limp and blistered. Once your tomatoes are ready, remove them from the baking sheet and rub the leftover tomato juices from the pan onto your bread. Bake your bread to your preferred crispiness.

➌ To assemble: bread, hummus, blistered tomatoes/tomato spread, feta cheese. You may drizzle some olive oil on top if your bread is too dry and crisp.


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Enjoy your incoming food coma!


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