Parmesan Crusted Chicken & Alfredo Sauce: Sautéing With Sudha [1]

Welcome to my first ever Sautéing with Sudha post! I'm super excited about this because 1) I love to cook (only when IIIIIIIII want though :D) and 2) I'm sick of having to read 10 page introductions just to get to a 5 line recipe so I WILL NOT be doing that - quite exciting for my fellow food blog followers, I know. Also, I'm a dweeb and have no idea what I'm doing so I'm sure you'll all notice a significant improvement as I keep doing this. HERE WE GO!

Parmesan Crusted Chicken with ~*Creamless*~ Alfredo Sauce

Prep/Cook Time: 15-20 Minutes

What You'll Need For The Pasta:

•skinless chicken breast


•grated parmesan cheese

•italian seasoning

•pasta of your choice

•1 egg

What You'll Need For The Sauce:

•1.5 tbsp salted butter

•1/4 tsp garlic powder

•1 cup 2% milk

•laughing cow spreadable cheese wedge (1) - preferably garlic or creamy light

‣‣substitute: light cream cheese (~1.5 tbsp)

*Please keep in mind that measurements are not exact. Unfortunately I throw stuff in the pan until it tastes good. You may have to do the same*

How To:

➊ In a medium sized pan, heat up (on medium heat) ~1.5 tbsp of salted butter until fully melted. Then add 1 cup of 2% milk until it's about to start bubbling and turn the heat down. While you're waiting, fill up a saucepan with heavily salted water and your choice of pasta and let boil

➋ Add in your Laughing Cow cheese wedge and use a spatula to smooth it out in your sauce (if you need to increase the heat a bit, go for it). As mentioned above, cream cheese works just fine if you don't have the cheese wedge. Once smooth, add in about 1/4 tsp of garlic powder (or more if you're like me). Throw in some parmesan cheese and once boiled, about 2 tsp of your pasta water.

➌ At whatever point you think is best, start making your chicken. You don't want to wait too long for the sauce to cool down otherwise it'll start chunking up. I personally don't mind this but others like their sauce silky and smooth. Take 1 chicken breast and beat it up until it's thin. One way to do this is covering the chicken breast with saran wrap and smacking it with a rolling pin LOL. Then, make your coating mixture - breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and italian seasoning. There's no measurements for this - go wild. Also, crack an egg in a separate bowl. Make sure the chicken is washed and dry. Dip it in the egg and then the coating mixture and place on a hot pan. Let sit for a couple minutes each side until browned. Sprinkle some salt on top once it's cooked.

➍ Once your pasta is cooked to your preference, drain (except for about 2 tsp of the water) and add to your sauce. Do not let the pasta sit in the hot water unless you want it soggy. Plate and salt-bae some parmesan cheese to top. Throw that chicky chick on top and you got yourself a meal. If you wanna be extra boujee, you can add chopped parsley at the end


• I made this only for myself sooo serving size is for 10 LOL just kidding. One person... one person only.

• The sauce typically thickens as it cools. A tip is to plan so you can wait until the very end to add in your hot pasta to your sauce. If the sauce is too thick, adding in the hot pasta (and pasta water) will loosen it up again. If you've already added everything, GENTLY warm it up so it doesn't get chunky.

• If your sauce is too runny, add in some more parmesan cheese and whisk it. It'll help thicken it up. Be sure to add in a little at a time!

• Keep in mind that parmesan cheese is supa salty, so don't add in salt unless you've already tried it after the parmesan cheese has been added

• I plated my meal too late so it looks chunky in the photos, but the sauce was actually super smooth... my bad

Incoming food coma! Enjoy!


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