Pack Like A Pro

Found a cheap weekend flight on Spirit Airlines but want to avoid paying the ridiculous fees to fly a suitcase? Here's how to save some stacks and pack efficiently!

I am the #queen of packing in a backpack and that's not because I'm cheap AF and don't wanna pay baggage fees (but I mean c'mon... I'm flying Spirit...), it's because I genuinely don't feel the need to drag along a suitcase when I've learned to efficiently pack a bag to keep my belongings with me at all times. So here it goessssss....

1. Roll, Don't Fold: I've found this to be the biggest life saver for not only packing but when I run out of space in my t-shirt drawer at home (bc for some reason I still own

t-shirts from like 2001 and refuse to get rid of any). Rolling your shirts (and even pants!) avoids all around bulkiness and creates a significant amount of space in your bag for mo' and mo' goodies

2. Shoe Stuffers: Take advantage of packing your shoes! Stuff your socks, underwear, pill bottles, umm makeup... hair clips... face washes and lotions (but be sure to seal in a plastic baggy!)...ANYTHING your heart desires. But take advantage of that space!!

3. Plan Ahead: I know this seems obvious, but planning ahead is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. I have a note in my iPhone (that I 100p use for every trip) that has a list of things I absolutely need to bring with me. That being said, don't overpack. Writing down what you need not only saves time but ROOM.

Happy Traveling!


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