I'm Back! Life Update + Whats Comin'

Wow ok hi??? I literally just completely fell off for the last like, 8 months. Honestly for a while I wasn't really sure if I wanted to continue blogging or not. I've been at this for 2ish (????) years now and it really wasn't doing well. I felt like I just kept putting in so much time and effort to stick to a schedule, creating the perfect posts, researching topics, taking pictures... I mean I was really out here cooking whole ass meals every Sunday for like...2 people to ultimately view the post. It's draining! And really makes you feel like @#$^@#$ knowing you put in all this work and it's good stuff... but no one cares to see it LOL.

Just because I left for 8 months does NOT mean I'm suddenly a celebrity and have this huge following and now I'm going to get like millions of views. Nope. I mean... I've been focusing on growing my Instagram (so close to hitting 10k!!!!!!!). But the struggle is REAL y'all. Just because you hit 10k, does not mean you have 10k supporters. I still get like 300 likes on my pics, 1k views on my reels... ugh. It really is frustrating. I really think it's just Instagram at this point. Anyways, I think everyone goes through this at one time or another. It's hard to not compare yourself to other people that you know started around the same time as yourself. I really just keep pushing through... and hope my day will come soon! The good news is I genuinely enjoy shooting content, working with brands, and meeting/supporting girls I meet through the app. So... I guess the struggle isn't SO bad.

Anyways, ok so as y'all know, COVID hit us all hard af. I kinda just want to recap on COVID so I can read this post in like 30 years and be like "omg remember COVID" lol. Yeah... COVID sucked. But it did make me realize that I absolutely love being cozy at home and kinda got over the whole partying thing. I'm in my upper-ish 20s now. I do miss going out but was it always just overhyped? I saw this hilarious meme that basically said we're all desperate to go out until we realize the clubs are constantly playing Pitbull and radio hits. I butchered it but... you get the idea. Now I'm nervous it's just gonna be all Tik Tok shit so like... Megan Thee Stallion and weird dances. Nahhh like remember Pop Lock & Drop It and Freek-A-Leek? GEN Z'S KNEES COULD NEVA. Lol kidding, I love you guys.

I started a podcast with a girl I met on Instagram - Listen, It's The Girls Room. It's literally us talking about any and everything. Traveling, relationships, motivation, morning routines, love languages, smooth transitions for moving out, dealbreakers, RED FLAGS, FUN GAMES... literally the list goes on. *if you're interested in being on our podcast, please reach out to contact@listenitsthegirlsroom.com*. We just finished our second season! We've got so many fun ideas for this podcast. I'm excited to see where it goes.

Alright, I'm gonna end this here. I'm actually pretty excited to be back. I'm gonna squeeeeeeze in some last minute summer posts before the season ends *crying*. I also gotta like re-revamp my website lol I updated it a bit but minor details could be fixed.

Ok anyways bye love you all



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