How To "Un-Ruin" Your Outfit In 3 Easy Steps

I don't know about y'all, but frankly if something is expensive that DOES NOT mean it looks good. That's why I ball on a budget...ok... maybe not by choice... #highendbrokegirl. Suddenly the name of my blog makes sense. BUT I really feel like a lot of people don't realize that there are easy ways to make yourself look better (even if your outfit is basic). I love love love finding good deals - I know my style, I know the affordable shops, and I know good quality. I'll rock the sh*t out of those good finds on the $2.99 sale rack. No matter how much you paid for that new blouse, Chanel or Target, there's a couple things we must do in order to always look our best (even if we're not trying to):

1. Invest in a lint roller: I cannot stress this enough. For someone that religiously wears black, I KNOW the importance of a lint roller. I ALSO know how annoying it is to leave the house with a crisp, all black fit and 37 seconds later suddenly you're a straight ball of fuzz because your winter scarf happened to gently ~*brush*~ against your pants. WACK. That's why the universe made mini to-go lint rollers like deez (thats a link). Look at that - travel sized lint roller for $.99 at Target (God bless all things Target).

2. Buy A Steamer: unless you're old school and still prefer ironing. BUY AN IRON! You know what's one of the ugliest things in the world? Crinkled pants. Yeah. That's what. Also, crinkled t-shirts. I mean that's easily on most peoples list of pet peeves, right? Like... JUST TRY A LITTLE BIT PEOPLE! I know there's only a handful of weirdos like me that fold their clothes out of the dryer so yes I don't need to try that hard to have crispy clothes but for those of you that don't (and I understand that's probably like 99% of the population???), PLEASE! Buy a steamer. So here's a mini review of the steamer I have in my house - A WONDERFUL INVENTION. That's it. It probably takes longer for the actual steamer to heat up than to actually STEAM YOUR CLOTHES. YEAH. That's definitely an exaggeration but I'm trying to make a point and I hope it's working. Here's the link to a great steamer off Amazon. 25 bucks and works incredibly. A life hack for girls - use your hair straightener if you don't have an iron or steamer! It actually works pretty well! Oh, and a very important tip for all - do not I REPEAT DO NOT try to steam your clothes while they're on. Please just...don't.

3. Wear Fitted Underwear: sorry boyzzzz - this mostly applies to girls. Listen girls... until you finally have that perfect bra, you will never know the importance of the perfect bra. And no... that doesn't mean you walk into Victoria's Secret, have them size you, and call it a day. VS is NOT always the answer. Get the fitting - definitely! BUT that does not always mean their products will fit you the best. I've found some of my best bras from Aerie and Kohls. Trial and error girls. Trial and error. It takes time to find the perfect fitting but when you do, you'll be blown by how bomb your chest suddenly looks in everything you wear. Aside from the bra, please stay away from the actual underwear lines. Thongs, seamless, cheeky, no shows... I mean there are SO. MANY. WAYS. to avoid underwear lines. Find the perfect style and now you a classy b.

Boom! 3 minutes and you're suddenly a pro.


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