How To Stay Motivated To Work Out [Quarantine Edition]

Stop the excuses! It's time to finally get your butt up and workout!

Up until now, it was easy to use 'lack of time' as our excuse to not work out. I'm pretty sure we've all used it at some time or another. Fortunately this quarantine has given us NOTHING. BUT. TIME. LOL. Think of it as a (low key) blessing. You can finally give yourself the chance to look like that one Instagram fitness model you've been drooling over and using as your motivation for the last 3 years - I know I have more than a few of those :P So get up, get active, stop sleeping all the time, and LETS GO!

How To Get (Or Stay) Motivated To Workout During Quarantine 2020:

1. Make a bomb playlist - The importance of good music during a workout can never and will never be ignored. Before going to bed, create a playlist of songs (or a few) that would pump you up. I make this a point because trying to find a playlist right as you're starting your workout really kills the vibe and trying to find the next song you want REALLY kills your vibe. You should be up and ready to go. Put on those headphones, crank up the volume, and let's get it!

2. Wear Your Best Gear - I've mentioned this in another post, but looking good makes you feel good. Find your cutest (or man...liest... for men) top and shorts and actually wear it. Don't have any cute workout gear? GET SOME! It doesn't have to be top brand, mad expensive stuff. I've found some of my best workout gear from places like Old Navy, Forever 21, and Fabletics (2 for $24 deal OBVIOUSLY). It's surprising how something as simple as wearing the right clothes will give you that extra boost of motivation

3. Have A Daily Plan - Don't go into your workout with a general idea of what you wanna work on. It's lower body day? Ok. Write down how many reps / sets of what exercise you're going to do AS WELL AS what part of the lower body you're working out. Following a workout video? Ok. Make sure you know exactly which one you're going to be using before your actual workout.

4. Have Realistic Goals - This goes hand in hand with having a plan. Your goals should always be realistic AND healthy but with a time frame. "By this date, I want to be able to --". Maybe you want to increase your weights by 5 pounds in 1 week. Maybe you want to get your mile time in under 7 minutes in 2 weeks. Whatever the goal is, make sure it is healthy (you shouldn't be aiming to lose 15 pounds in one week) and make sure it is doable. If you want to get your mile time in under 7 minutes in 2 weeks, you're more likely to want to work towards the goal than saying "someday, I would like to run a 7-minute mile".

5. Start Your Day Right - One tip that I've found very helpful for myself is waking up and immediately putting on gym clothes. If I put on sweats, I'm more likely to be lazy the whole day. Also, if doable, try getting your workouts done in the morning. After a full day of working and sitting at your computer (if that's what your WFH job requires you to do), sometimes it's difficult to get up from 8 hours of that and be active. If you start your workouts in the morning, I guarantee you'll feel more productive for the rest of the day and you'll feel even better that one thing has been checked off of your list of things to do.

I know it's easier said than done, but if you really want something - you'll work for it. Remember that. Remember your goals. Remember that IG model. LOL. Make use of this time! A summer body is never made in the summer :)


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