How To Start Journaling: A Beginners Guide

Looking for a way to organize your thoughts? Or maybe to just get them out? Use these tips to learn how to start journaling to better your mental health and to help you reach your goals.

I really didn't start seriously journaling until this year. I've always journaled here and there but never made it a consistent thing. This year, I felt like it was one of the very few things that would help me get through some difficult sh*t. I felt like I had tried a lot of different things and nothing was really working. So one day, I ran to Target (the G.O.A.T) and bought myself a 12 pack of colorful pens and a cute journal. If I was going to take it seriously, I needed to make it enjoyable enough to consistently do it. Finding the right pen IS KEY LOL.

Journaling is great because it forces you to take a moment to look at the big picture. We may always be busy, we may be on the verge of losing it, we may feel unmotivated and not even know why, we may blink and suddenly 3 months have gone by. It doesn't matter what the situation is - journaling forces you to be self aware. You're forced to address your feelings and reflect on your actions but in a good way! It's not always easy to talk about these things because we may not know who to go to or we may not be particularly good at communicating it. Journaling takes away any discomfort so you can essentially focus on yourself and your growth without judgement.

Obviously, you can journal about everything and anything. Here are 2 ideas you can start with:

Cry It Out

Ok... it doesn't have to be that dramatic but journaling is one of the best ways to feel that release from bottling your feelings in. I also love this idea because it can encourage men to start journaling as well. Women are typically emotionally expressive (as we ALL know), but apparently men having feelings is lame??? Why is that a thing? It absolutely should not be. If you're not talking about it, you gotta get it out. Use your journal as an outlet. Don't keep it in.

Goal Setting

One of the best ways to remind yourself what you're doing and WHY. Use a journal as an opportunity to write down all the things you want and what you're working towards. Create schedules and write down all your ideas. List out your goals and what you're going to do to reach them. Make a timeline. Set mini goals along the way. Organize it by finances, career, fitness - whatever comes to mind. Feeling down and unmotivated? Open up your journal for a slap in the face. When you have it right in your face, you almost feel guilty NOT working towards your goals.

You don't have to dedicate one journal per idea. That's the beauty of all of this. Do whatever you want. The more you do it, the more you'll want to keep at it. Make it a habit to write at a certain time every day - whether that's before bed to wind down and talk about your day or it's right when you wake up so you can write out what you want to achieve during the day and what you're working towards. Journaling is good for the soul... try it and see.


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