How To Increase Productivity

Find yourself in a lazy funk? Here are 3 tips to increase your productivity!

Now that I'm working from home, I've realized how uptight I need to be with myself about planning out my days AND week just so I can get everything I want done. It's pretty easy to find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Tik Tok and before you know it, 2 hours have gone by LOL.

I've mentioned this before, but WFH really does have its advantages. Aside from saving time on commutes, not having to wake up extra early, wearing whatever you want, etc etc... it really gives you the time to crush some goals and catch up on things you've been falling behind on (work related tasks included). Here are my *top tips* to increase productivity:

  1. Clean Up: The first thing I like to do when I wake up in the morning is make my bed. I actually never realized how common it is for people to just roll out of bed and never look back LOL?? I mean, aside from it looking so much better than an un-made bed, you just knocked out your first task of the day. It's surprising how starting your day off with something as simple as making your bed can set a positive vibe for the rest of it. You really feel like you're ready to take on anything! It may be hard to realize now but when you get into the habit of doing it everyday, it's weird when you... don't. Try it out!

  2. 40/20: A GREAT trick that I just started doing. Like I said, I work from home which means I can literally jump on my phone whenever I want. And after a while I started noticing how much I was actually doing that. Then I'd be like "WTF it's already 5pm!" I wasn't realizing how much time I was killing scrolling through Social Media apps during my work hours and then complaining that I had stuff to get done. The only good that came out of scrolling through my phone was when I stumbled upon someone's Tik Tok page where she talked about how someone had told her that told her that told her... (lol) that one of the best ways to work efficiently is by using the 40/20 rule. 40 minutes working, 20 minute break. This break doesn't mean just 'sit on your phone for 20 minutes' - it means get up. It means take a quick walk. It means go outside if the weather is toasty. Let me tell you - THIS WORKS. Instead of picking my phone up every 10 minutes, I set it aside and set a time for when I can stop working for a break. I increase my productivity by knowing I need to work for a specific amount of time before I can stop and conveniently, I get more work done!

  3. Plan It Out: Maybe this is a more girly thing, but I LOVE PLANNERS. Yeah, you could get an app on your phone that lets you "type" down what you need to accomplish during the day, but what I'm talking about is the physical planner and colored pens (you cannot forget about the colored pens). Actually... there are plenty of journal options for men so you know what, no. This isn't girly. Plan out your day! Plan out your week! Write a list of things that you want or need to get done (I like to write 3 tasks that are an absolute must first on my list). It's such a simple thing, but crossing out items on your list is so motivating. I love to literally see how much I've tackled throughout the day. You don't waste time figuring out what you need to do next AND it keeps you organized.

Try out these tips and let me know how they work for you! I've noticed that ever since I added these three tips into my lifestyle, I've been able to accomplish a lot more during my days than normal. Once these become part of your every day, you'll never look back.


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