How To Create Your Perfect Pair Of Shoes

Shoes too tight? Too big? Use these hacks to make your perfect pair at home

All I know is I've been wearing the same pair of heels every time I go out for the past like... 3 years. I can't stand watching my feet bleed trying to break in or comfy up another pair so I refuse to buy anything else LOL. Not sure what the plan is once those shoes die out on me...

Here are some hacks to treat yo' toes:

1. Fuzzy Socks: Odd, but works. Find 2-3 pairs of your fav fuzzy socks and layer them on. Squeeze into your shoes and use a blow dryer to heat them up. I have no idea what this is doing but it's blessed. The longer you do this, the better. Once you take off your socks you'll have infinite foot room (not infinite... but close...kinda...not really. But enough).

2. Fashion Tape: Are your shoes a little too big? Does your foot slide around every time you walk? Fret not. Fashion Tape is one of the best things to happen to humans. I think I'll do a blog post about how to finesse life with Fashion Tape... ok. Coming soon. In the meantime, use Fashion Tape to stick your foot down into your shoe. Your foot won't move every time you walk and you'll forget you ever had blisters. Stick a piece of two on the sole of your foot and you Gucci!

3. Shoe Stretcher: Don't even need to explain this one. Literally look up 'shoe stretcher' on Amazon. Those weird wooden clog looking things ACTUALLY work. Screw breaking shoes in by struggling to spend a day out in them... Invest in one of these!

Ditch the blisters and cuts and start walking in comfort! You deserve it :)


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