Here's My Morning Routine Checklist (+ Ideas To Start Yours!)

Need some help starting a daily morning routine? Here's a list of what I do with some ideas for you to start your own!

Everyday, I wake up and do the same thing. And it eventually became like... if I didn't, I felt off? I'm always seeing articles about how to wake up and what to immediately do to have a more ~mindful~ or ~productive~ day. I quickly realized that I, too, have a morning routine that I do every single day which allows me to start my days as best as I can. Now that we've been quarantined, it's gotten even better. And honestly, I think it's really important to (first) figure out what works best for you and (second) to actually stick to it. Like, if I don't start my day with a big glass of water once I wake up, I feel really gross during the day. Maybe it's become more of a mental thing? But I really feel it!!!

So, you don't actually have to be someone that wakes up at 6am to practice a 'morning routine' - there is nothing important enough for me to wake up that early LOL. But I've realized that no matter what time you wake up (maybe try to aim for before noon LOL), doing a few simple things to set the tone for your day really helps. You feel fresh, you feel motivated (sometimes and that's okay), and you're ready to start the day. It's like... if I wake up and stay in my pjs all day, I'm more likely to have a lazy day. If I wake up and change into workout clothes, I'm (1) more likely to get a workout in and (2) more likely to stay a little more active throughout the day. Kinda just... makes sense, right? So here's how my mornings typically go and a way yours can too:

1 - Wake Up and Let In Natural Light

I honestly don't feel awake until the blazing sun roasts my eyeballs. LOL. Wake up and open up your blinds!! Open your door if you sleep with it closed (creepy if you actually don't??). Get that natural light IN! If the sun is out, I feel even better. What better way to start your day than to see blue skies, green grass, and the bright sun! Even if the sun isn't out, natural light is STILL better than yellow, dull lightbulbs. If you can, open those windows and get some FRESH. AIR.

2 - Stretch

I really don't care if you're on a yoga mat or if you get on your floor next to your bed. Stretch in the morning! I tend to sleep on my sides (I know, I KNOWWW!! Don't come at me for it) so I do a lot of upper body stretches to loosen everything up. I take about 5 minutes in the morning to do this. Let your body wake up. And no, I do not mean screeching in your bed and extending your arms and legs like a starfish. Even though that also feels really, REALLY good!

3 - Clean Up

Get up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and wash your face. I do this everyday in that exact order. Don't skip out on washing your face and don't drink your first cup of coffee without brushing because ew... Just freshen yourself up because honestly, ain't nobody trying to mad chill with morning breath and a crusty face.

4 - Chug Water

You may not feel it, but you're dehydrated AF. Chug 1-2 glasses of room temperature / hot water. Throw in a lemon slice to feel fancy - there are plenty of benefits to doing that as well. You'll feel less groggy or sick to your stomach!

5 - Put On A Podcast

No, not a 45 minute episode. You can do this during any other part of your morning routine and doesn't have to be a completely separate step. I usually do this when I'm stretching. I'm mostly into listening to a quick episode about motivation, confidence building, or personal development. I also like Ted Talks! I'm currently listening to Optimal Living Daily on Spotify. It's not always easy to listen to podcasts throughout the day, so a quick clip in the morning lets you start out your day with some motivational quotes, learning something new, or just some tip n' tricks on how to be a better you!

6 - Plan My Day

I've realized that I genuinely feel good at the end of my days now because I plan out the things I want to accomplish in the morning and can usually get them done. Don't make the list super long and overwhelming because it can cause you to just stress out...which like, thanks but no thanks. I'll write down 3 goals of mine even if it's as small as putting my laundry away. By setting these goals, you're able to plan out your day and make time for yourself as well as making time to achieve the things you want to get done. One of the worst things is knowing you want to do something but never "having the time" to do it. This helps you out a lil bit!

This may seem like a long list of things to do in the morning, but honestly I'm only taking out about 10-15 minutes of my morning. Most of the time, it's even less. Here are some other ideas you can incorporate into your morning routine:

•Workout for 30 minutes


•Journal and write 5 things you're thankful for

•Yoga / Meditation (use YouTube for the best sounds)

•Read a chapter of a book

•Experiment a new way of making your morning coffee or tea

•Make your bed right after waking up

•Fuel your body and make a healthy breakfast

•Go for a walk and get some fresh air

•Tidy up your space

Having a morning routine that I stick to everyday helps me start my days in a way that makes me ready to go. What are you going to start doing in the morning that will help you have a more mindful and productive day?


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