Here's How I Do My Grocery Shopping (On A Budget)

Grocery shopping doesn't need to be expensive! Use these tips to save $$$ for your weekly (or monthly) trips!

If you're like me and you know you're not making enough money, then budgeting is really important to you too. Ugh. I need to be rich already, am I riighhhhhtttt!!! As a major foodie (I mean... I do have my own food blog!), I was always excited to try new things and buy ingredients that I probably would never use again after I made that one dish. My first mistake. I quickly started learning how important it is to buy ingredients that I know I can reuse. I felt really bad when I would throw out stuff that expired just because I couldn't think of more ways to use it. A waste of money and a waste of perfectly good food. I knew I had to start grocery shopping the smart way (in every way), so here are some tips I've learned along the way:

  1. Shop on a Full Stomach: It's true. I have no business buying a bunch of junk I'm craving in the moment or want to max out on bc I'm hungry. Don't go to the store when you're starving and don't go to the store when you're having major cravings (unless you're going for JUST that but if you can help it, don't). This also helps because I can stop myself from buying junk food that I'd most likely eat if I knew I had it at home. Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies? A MAJOR weakness like... MAJOR. I haven't bought them in like 7 years which means I haven't eaten them in like 7 years. I probably would've copped those if I was starving one day at the grocery store and let my weakness get the best of me. Shopping on a full stomach has helped my diet AND my budget! Make wise choices!!!

  2. Go Froze: Buy frozen vegetables and fruits! It's just as healthy and it lasts muuuuch longer. I don't even buy heads of broccoli or bunches of carrots or any of that stuff anymore. You can literally find anything frozen and honestly, it's so much more convenient. I already hate chopping stuff up - with frozen foods you just open up the bag and heat that sh*t up. Half the time you don't even need to take it out of the bag. I mean it doesn't get lazier than that (and I love it). Also, frozen fruit in homemade smoothies is like... the best. And sweet. And just... the best.

  3. Shop Prepared: Making an actual grocery list is KEY. I even plan my meals before I go so I know exactly what I need for each meal I want to make. Pinterest is so blessed for this. Find recipes with ingredients you know you can use over and over. If you've got a list, you can go straight to what you need and dip. Save dat time and save dat money *cue Lil Dicky and Fetty Wap song*

  4. Don't Go For Packaged Convenience: I know I just said buy frozen, but I meant like...fruits and veggies. What I don't mean is things like frozen egg breakfast sandwiches that run for $5 for 2 sandwiches. Instead, buy a pack of eggs and breakfast meat one time so you can continue to make those breakfast sandwiches (instead of running out after 2). It may cost more at the time but you'll be able to make more sandwiches sooo technically... you're saving money LOL. PLUS it's fresh. And fresh meals are so much better than frozen meals.

  5. Be Basic: Generic brands - DO IT. Most of the time, there really is no difference. Check nutritional facts and labels if you really need to. And this doesn't just apply for groceries... this is literally for most things we buy. Like I just bought a generic brand face wash (literally the EXACT SAME as the real deal) and saved 6 bucks. SIX. DOLLARS. Thats 6 McChickens. Thats 6 burritos from Taco Bell. Thats more than an original sized turkey & swiss Potbelly sandwich. Thats literally more than a $5 footlong from Subway. Like cmon... it adds up LOL. Don't be afraid of the generic brands. Even if they look ugly, they save you mad bucks.

These are some of the easiest ways I've saved money in general. No one can escape grocery shopping so you might as well learn how to finesse and do it the right way. Try out these tips when you go to the store from now on. You'll start seeing a significant change in your bank account (but a positive change!) :)


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