Get Your Social Distance On - Things To Do While Trapped Inside

Bored in the house? Here are some *different* ideas to make time go by.

❃ Start a new book - Psychological Thriller Suggestion: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. Get a group of friends or just a friend and have your own *virtual* book club!

❃ Exercise even if you don't have weights. Get a quick workout in by including the following in your routine:

Lower Body Day

⋆⋆ High Knees

⋆⋆ Butt Kicks

⋆⋆ (Invisible) Jump Rope In Place

⋆⋆ Jump Squats

⋆⋆ Body Weight Squats (Sumo, Pulsating, Regular)

⋆⋆ Glute Bridges

⋆⋆ Lunges (Regular & Side)

⋆⋆ Calf Raises On Your Stairs

Upper Body Day

⋆⋆ High Knees

⋆⋆ Butt Kicks

⋆⋆ (Invisible) Jump Rope In Place

⋆⋆ Push Ups

⋆⋆ Tricep Dips On Couch Or Chair

⋆⋆ Planks

It's clear which part of my body I work out more... LOL

❃ (FINALLY) Clean out your camera roll of all the collected bs and screenshots you'll never need again

❃ Follow my food blog recipes (Sautéing With Sudha every Sunday on this site!) and learn to cook!! I know all of you are eating a whole meal every 27 minutes anyway BC SAME ( me)

❃ Download DuoLingo and learn a new language OR refresh on one that's lost somewhere in your brain

❃ Spring cleaning but... now. Clean out those closets and set aside Goodwill clothes to drop off once the world is back open and running again. Blast music and go hard. Some of my favs (also...old is gold):

⋆ Safety 2020 - Gashi, Chris Brown, Afro B, DJ Snake

⋆ Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

⋆ Rivers - Thomas Jack

⋆ Whine Up - Nicky Jam, Anuel AA

⋆ Circles - Post Malone

⋆ Desire - Years & Years Gryffin Remix

⋆ Foreign - Trey Songz

⋆ Dumebi - Rema

... I promise my playlists aren't like the radio. They're straight fire. These are just some that I feel like most people COULD enjoy listening to

❃ Give your hair and face a chance to breathe! This isn't an idea but more like a piece of advise. Stop running a hot iron in your hair. Stop putting on makeup everyday. If you wear contacts and have glasses, let your eyeballs breathe and wear glasses for a while

❃ Oil up your hair. Make a routine for hair care. I've been applying baby oil in my hair twice a week since this lockdown. Typically I'll use warmed up coconut oil and a few drops of castor oil but I ran out so baby oil it is. Massage that sh*t in and leave it for the day (make sure you sleep on a towel). I also have a post about how to take care of your hair... find it under 'Tips N Tricks' for some extra tips!

❃ I know people say this all the time.. but you finally have the opportunity to get good at that one instrument you started playing when you were 7 and got too lazy to practice so now you suck. YouTube exists! Learn a song by watching a step-by-step video and get back into it... it may end up becoming a hobby! If you need some extra motivation, find videos of regular people playing the instrument like pros... it'll make you wanna get up and start practicing!

❃ Take an online course! Udemy has hundreds of cheap courses and I'm pretty sure Rakuten hooks you up with an even better price with Cash Back. I started a Graphic Design course like 6 months ago which I obviously didn't keep up but it's probably the perfect time for me to get back into it (.....we'll see.....). You can literally find a class on anything on Udemy. Start browsing!

We're all in this together... so STAY. HOME. and keep yourselves busy!


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