Fashion Hacks [Part 1]

Belt pissing you off? Pants too tight? Want a cropped top without cutting it? Make your life easier with these tips and tricks!

I don't think this even needs an introduction. Here are some T 'n' Ts (tips 'n' tricks) for the best fashion hacks!

1. Belts: Use double sided tape to keep the floppy part of the belt in place if you're missing a loop or the belt doesn't reach far enough. Click the arrow on the photos to see before and after

2. Jean Stretchers: Ate too much? Bloated AF? Got a little chunky over the holidays and can't fit into your old jeans anymore? Fret not! Use an elastic hair tie to extend the width of your bottoms bc ain't nobody got time to buy new pants. All you have to do take your elastic hair tie and loop it around the button of your pants. Pull it through the eye of your bottoms (where you would put your button) and pull it back around the button. Refer to the pics below since I'm quite literally the world's worst explainer.

3. Crop For Some Style: Want to jazz up your outfit without having to try so hard? Create your own crop top! To avoid bulging pants by tucking in chunky clothes, tuck your tops in the underside of your bra. This works for thin shirts and sweaters. I like to use sports bras under thicker sweaters so I can tuck in more cloth. Looks amazing with high waisted pants! See pics below.

Stay tuned for (part 2) of my favorite fashion hacks!


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