Dress For The... Season! [San Diego Edition]

Escape the brutal winter and pack for the perfect weekend getaway to San Diego, California. Here's what you'll be needing...

Everyone loves Cali, am I right or am I right? I mean... you get cities, you get beaches, you get PALM TREES (and I cannot stress this enough), you get blue skies, you get GOOD VIBES... like cmon. I'm pretty sure I have the same life goal as like 98.67% of the people I've met - MOVE. TO. CALI. Whether you're planning on freezing your a** off in Chicago 9 months out of the year, lighting yourself on fire by walking outside your house in Florida, or content living in whatever extreme conditions your state has (or doesn't have...?) - I think we can all agree that California's weather is what really gets those tears goin' when it's time to leave. I got back home yesterday and I'm pretty sure I've cried like 6 times already. LOL. Also it's gray everywhere where I live right now so that probbbbbb doesn't help...

So! January in San Diego... what to expect? Your weather app tells you it's going to be sunny and 67 degrees F but is it REALLY? In the sun, YES. It really really is 67 degrees. But pretty nippy in the shade and even nippier at night. Here are some perfect items to bring with to keep you warm AND cute:

Light Packable Coat - I wrote about this in a different blog post but I really don't know how to explain how helpful these are. These light packable coats come with their own mini bags that you can stuff the coat in if you don't feel like actually wearing it. The best part is those bags can fit in a fashion backpack or a draw string bag which is exactly what I ended up doing when it got warmer during the day. I bought my packable coat from TJ Maxx for about $60. I can't find the exact coat on the site, but I'm gonna link something similar.

Matching Sets - I ended up bringing two of these that were not only perfect for the weather but looked super cute and trendy. The best part about matching sets (pants and top) is that you can find a lot that are a little thicker in material to keep you warm but they're typically crop tops, so you get a good breeze as well. Look sexy but also feel warm. Peep the photos -

Search: Aurora Matching Set - Sky Blue from OOTDFash

Search: Wanderlust Hoodie / Leggings - Rose at Fashion Nova

Closed Toe Shoes - my favorite during the daytime? WHITE KEDS. Cop a knock-off pair from Walmart for 6 bucks (linked). Throw on some mens breathe-able active high white socks. THE CUTEST. The perfect pair when it's hot in the sun but cool in the shade.

Happy Traveling!


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