Dress For The... Season! [Peru Edition]

Join me for a quick "HTD" (how-to-dress) snippet on rainy season in Peru!

So if you're ever traveling to a different country any time that's not considered their summer, it's hard to anticipate what you'd need to bring (outfit wise) to be comfy but also...cute...but also...warm....and dry....

Rainy Seasons

Although the best time to travel because plane tix are MAD cheap, rainy season is difficult to dress for...

I mean, your weather app only helps you so much... Well, I've been lucky. I was flying to Miami for a random weekend and it told me it was raining all week. Got there, roasted, and I eventually shed off the first layer of my skin because it was so sunny LOL. Went to Peru last week and it said it was going to rain all week. It rained for like 15 min a day basically everyday...EXCEPT the last day. It's like the clouds were holding in rain for like 4 months and exploded on my last day. I mean it was POURING. SO! How do we dress for rainy season?

Peru in November

So all I knew was it was going to be in the 60s and probably raining. But first, here's something everyone should know about me - I am ALWAYS cold. 5 degrees to me is cold. 45 degrees to me is cold. 60 DEGREES TO ME... IS COLD. FALL IS BASICALLY WINTER TO ME. But, I mean when I'm hot, I'm like REALLY hot... I don't know what's wrong with me ok so anyways, here are some things that saved my life in Peru:

  1. Light Packable Coat - I don't mean a coat you can just stuff in your backpack, but I mean literally a packable coat that comes with its own mini bag. These things SAVE lives. Let's be honest... when you're out and about all day, the last thing you want to hold is a fat backpack. Instead, I brought a draw-string bag that I once got for free from Uber. They're light, hold your belongings, and force you to not bring unnecessary sh*t. Ok the bag is not the point. I bought my packable coat from TJ Maxx for about $60. I can't find the exact coat on the site, but I'm gonna link something similar. BTW, the mini bag that comes with the coat fit PERFECTLY in my draw string bag. WIN!

  2. Mini Camping Poncho - Do not - I repeat - do not buy those disposable ponchos from small vendors when you're in country. Waste of money AND they typically don't keep you dry from the way the rain slaps you in the face. Cop the lightweight thicker ponchos that fold into compact pouches. Walmart. 6 bucks. You're welcome.

  3. Fleece Lined Leggings - I don't think I need to explain these too much. All I know is they make your legs look great AND they keep you #WARMAF in case it gets cool and windy before or after the rain (mostly before). Thick and fuzzy without adding TOOOO much extra heat. I got mine from Akira for only $10. OH OH OH! They're high-waisted. Say hello to your nice, big booty ;) Find them here!

Happy Traveling Y'all!


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