Don't Regret What You Buy - Shop Right!

Here's how to buy clothes without regretting it later!

I know it's extremely easy (and tempting) to buy outfits that would be AMAZING for one time events... or certain parties... or bright neons and fishnets and maybe anything suitable for that ONE festival you attend a year BUT! the smart way to shop is to shop for things you know you can't regret later. What exactly does that mean? Keep reading.

It's easy to go into a mall and buy incomplete outfits because you think you can find something at home to put it all together. There's also the other side... you end up seeing outfits on mannequins and buy both pieces only to end up with 10,000 different styles in your closet - making it difficult to shop for yourself unless someone has literally made the outfit for you. If you're stuck between one of these or maybe even a little bit of both, here's what you can do to get your life together:

1. Does it fit? This is EXTREMELY important. You want to make sure the clothes you're buying not only flatter your body in that moment, but allow some wiggle room in case fluff up a bit... like... I'm not giving up bread and pasta just so I can squeeze into that ONE dress forever. Wearing ill-fitted clothing can really mess up your style and overall look - so make sure it's not something that you'll have to desperately suck in your belly for the whole night. It should be comfortable enough to be able to wear it past one night

2. Did you try it on? It's hard to tell if something looks good or not until you've actually tried it. That's why online shopping is beautiful but ALSO awful. Trying it on allows you to see the fit (bc lets be honest... just because it looks good on the unrealistic mannequin body shape DOES NOT mean it'll always look great worn on a real human). It also allows you to feel the material... is it good quality to last more than a couple months? Is it itchy? Is it too thin? Too thick?

3. Can you create more than one outfit with it? The best way to ensure this one is to steer towards neutrals and basic colors - the occasional neon pink is fine (bc I'm a sucker for neons), but grays and blues and blacks and tans can be worn with anything. This way you're not depending on a mannequin to create an outfit for you just because you don't know how to match prints and patterns. You're also not wearing a different printed crop top with the same jeans every time because it goes with nothing else. I like to make sure my new clothes can go with two other outfits. If you can match it to create at least two more outfits, then you've got yourself a keeper.

Avoid one-time use clothes by keeping these points in mind whenever you shop. Lets face it - we all have items in our closet that we've worn only once or twice because it's too "loud" of an item to wear often, we can't fit into it anymore, or it's difficult to create multiple outfits with it. Stop wasting your money! Buy your items smartly and you won't regret it.


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