Detox The Healthy Way

For those days that go by where we feel ... gross. Here's how to "start over" the healthy way

You ever go through those days or weeks where you don't really know what you're feeling... all you can describe it as is 'blah'. I notice that feeling pretty quickly when I've fallen off my active / healthy routine. I find myself getting lazier, eating straight sh*t, and spending most of my time either on my phone or laying and Netflixing. As fun as that may seem right now, when you're actually in that funk - it sucks. Here are some ways to 'start over' - detox your body the healthy way:

1. Water: Of course this is the first on my list. Man, I never realized the importance of water until I actually started drinking a normal amount. I used to be the person that could probably go days without drinking a single glass. I found myself constantly sick and my skin hated me - but I figured I was just one of the unlucky ones and it be's like dat. As most of you already know, it's recommended to drink about 64 oz of water everyday butttttt lets be honest... it's really not easy to do. So here are some ways to funk up and infuse your water (the right way):

Mint: great for digestion, anti-inflammatory

Orange / Lemon: for a kick of Vitamin C

Strawberries: immune system boost, high in antioxidants

2. Ginger: Ginger has a TON of benefits - it's an anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion, improves general immune function along with thousands of other pros. A *tip* that most people don't know - it helps with nausea. So for those times you're getting sick and feel the yack MAY be comin' up soon - throw a piece of ginger in your mouth. ANOTHER *tip* (and personally, a VERY important one for me) - ginger is a HEARTBURN LIFESAVER. Screw Pepto, screw Tums - chew on a piece of ginger and within 10 minutes you're back to normal. I love making ginger tea to incorporate it into my diet - add chopped up ginger into boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes. Add a dash of honey if it's too strong. I grew up on these tips being Indian, so I know they work :)

3. Vegetables: I know I sound like a parent but eat. your. vegetables. For those of you that aren't vegetarians, try it for a week. I know it's difficult, but it's surprising how less bloated and 'heavy' you feel. All it takes is a few days to notice a difference so if you can keep it up for a week or longer, you're set.

Don't let this quarantine stop you from feeling your best. Stay active, stay focused on your goals, and don't let this time go to waste!


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