Best Products & Methods for Silky, Strong Hair!

Sick of frizzy, fried hair? Use my best tips 'n' tricks to keep your hair healthy and beautiful!

You know that myth about Indians having the best hair? Yeah, no... that's REAL. Yes, we've got great hair and while most of us are just naturally blessed that way, it's also because we know how to take care of it. Over the last couple years, I started playing around with my hair more so it's gotten much thinner BUT I think it's safe for me to say that the quality of my hair is still great (knock on wood). Why? Because I know what I'm doing :P

Now... you may call us 'grease masters' (LOL) but THAT GREASE HAS SAVED LIVES. Yes, we got greasy hair but that's BECAUSE WE PUT IT THERE. BECAUSE THAT SH*T WORKS. THAT'S WHY. Ok so you don't have to go as excessive as a lot of Indians do, but literally no one's allowed to talk until they've tried it. That was my segment to my list of things to do for happy, healhy hur:

1. HAIR OIL: no... I don't mean the $37 Sephora hair mask ~*infused with the oil of a butterfly mixed in with the juices of a jaguar's pee with 3 single raindrops from the highest tree in the Amazon rainforest*~ b.s., I mean straight up coconut oil. I like to get this massive container of coconut oil from Costco so I basically never run out. AAAAND here's your tip: throw in a couple drops of Castor Oil (linked, only about $10 from Walgreens and lasts FOREVER). It's known for promoting hair growth by increasing blood circulation. ANOTHER TIP: put a little bit of castor oil on a Q-Tip and apply it to your lash line once a week. My eyelashes literally look fake when I put mascara on now. YAY. Anyways, throw the two together and put that sh*t in at least once a week and keep it in for the night. And ok so when you're washing it out, don't go hard af trying to get it out. Also! Are you even using good (or better) hair products?

2. INVEST IN BETTER SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: This may seem obvious but honestly when I used to see anything more than like 3 bucks for a shampoo at Walgreens I'd be like thanks but no thanks. I can't even begin to talk about how much changing shampoos can ESSENTIALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I mean I talk about this so much I quite literally should be the spokeswoman for #Aveeno (Aveeno, please hire me). My absolute favorite has been this sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner that's pretty much available anywhere now but has literally made me go from basically being able to create a wig from how much hair I used to lose in the shower to like 2 strands falling out. I'm not even kidding. I can actually count how many hairs (?) I lose. THAT'S INSANE. Yes it's like $8 a bottle but you gotta learn how to properly divide the shampoo in your hair so it goes all over your head rather than just splatting a massive glob and waiting for it to lather up. THAT'S how you prevent the bottle from running out so quickly. Also - no. These don't really lather up. But dw!! It's still getting the job done! These shampoos have eliminated any irritation I had, dandruff, dry scalp, etc etc ETCCCC. It's gentler on your hair so sometimes it feels a little greasier than it would normally but it takes a couple months to get used to. Then when you use "regular" shampoo you realize hair is dry affffff

3. HAIR PRODUCTS: these will help for silky smoooove hair. Heat protectants (like this linked one) are extremely important especially if you're straightening or curling your hair everyday (LIKE ME). I've also recently become a huge fan of this leave-in conditioner (#ad). I've never been one to use leave-in conditioners but Daily Dose ACTUALLY is a product I'm willing to promote. It smells good, it's paraben / phthalate free, vegan, cruelty free... I mean the list goes on. My hair is so silky after using this that it literally feels like I'm not touching anything LOL. Available online at or Sally's Beauty nationwide! The point is INVEST. IN. GOOD. PRODUCTS. PEOPLE. It may not seem worth it when you're like me and NOT ballin' but save your butt for the future. Aren't you sick of the wig forming on your shower wall and clogging your shower drain? Yeah. So was I.


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