A Short Guide For (Cheap) Fall Activities

Who loves all things Fall?! Start planning your weekends using this list for the best ideas on how to make the most of this wonderful season without hurting your bank account!

I love almost everything about Fall. It's basically Winter during the Fall in Chicago but man, how do I even leave? Those few bearable weeks I get to enjoy are incredible - the bright colors, the brisk air, the cool but sunny days... All the places I'd be willing to move definitely aren't the same. Aside from getting to enjoy how beautiful the season is, those basic Fall activities everyone does are so much fun... every. single. year.

The good news about the current COVID-19 situation is you don't have to technically miss out on much. Summer - I get it. Boat parties, nightclubs, popular restaurants... we didn't really get to fully enjoy our Summer. But luckily, your seasonal depression doesn't need to hit earlier than usual this year. Use these Fall activity ideas to have fun but to also be safe aaaannnddd not miss out on fun stuff aaaaannnd make the most of the season before we're trapped inside for good because Winter actually just...hurts.

1. Boozy Bartenders

Invite a few friends over and make some classic (but spiked) Fall drinks. Here's some drink inspo to look up for your mini house gathering or casual Wednesday night:

•Apple Cider Sangria

•Fireball Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

•Apple Pie Shots

•Spiked Pumpkin Spice Latte

2. Outdoor Movie Night

Drive-in theaters have become so popular lately. I recently just went to one and saw Night of the Living Dead and it was awesome. Such a cute idea and it's perfect for us movie dweebs that miss going to the theaters. Look up your local drive-in theater and book a spot for a Halloween or scary movie. These places typically fill up fast so you want to make sure you book in advance. If you wanna have fun with it, bring a ton of blankets and pillows, open up your trunk, and enjoy the movie wrapped under thick covers with the cool breeze. A cuddle buddy is a plus.

3. Indoor Movie Night

Take the same concept as the drive-in but make it homier. Grab a bunch of blankets and pillows, turn on Netflix, and lay in a fort. Not sure what to watch? Check out my post on some of my recommendations for Netflix movies here. I may have some more psych thrillers and horror recs by now... reach out to me if you want some more.

4. May The Best Carver Win

Nothing screams Fall and Halloween-time more than pumpkin carving. Get a bunch of pumpkins, carving supplies, and newspaper and hold a contest. The best carver wins a prize or gets to choose where you're all eating dinner that night or doesn't have to take the next shot. I don't know. Make it fun. Blast some good music and get carving!

5. Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Not in the mood to watch a murder mystery? Then BE IN ONE. Get into it! Find a murder mystery online and get planning. Create your own invitations, order in or cook up some apps and meals, decorate your house (Amazon, Dollar Store, Halloween Stores... save that $$!), customize whatever you can by actually writing or drawing things out or using templates using free apps like Canva. Still unsure how to plan the perfect Murder Mystery Dinner Party? Google and Pinterest has GOT YOU!

Here is a continued list but with the basic activities that everyone participates in every year. I couldn't just leave them out of this post... they're just as much fun:

•Corn maze

•Attempt to find the best apple cider donut

•Apple picking

•Pie baking contest

•Hayrides and pumpkin patches

•Haunted houses

I'm probably missing some more, but honestly I'm pumped even with this short list. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy simple things like apple picking and corn mazes. All you need is good company and the spirit. Stay safe and make the best of this year!


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