5 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Space

One of the best ways I get rid of my stress or anxiety is cleaning or tidying up areas in my home. Here are some simple ways you can fix up your space without devoting too much time to the task.

Like I said above, I love to clean. But not when someone is telling me I need to get up and go do it. I like doing it on my own terms and I've realized that one of my favorite times to clean is when I'm feeling stressed out or anxious. What is it about cleaning that fixes that? I know I'm not the only one that does this. I think the one thing we should all realize is you don't need to dedicate hours or even a full day to tidy things up. You don't always have to scrub everything down with bleach for it to be a clean area. Sometimes, all it takes is 10 minutes to do. So here are 5 *very simple* ways to declutter and clean up your space:

1. Free Kitchen Makeover

Do you collect coffee mugs without even realizing? Well guess what, as much as you think you need 40 mugs... you don't. Do you really need 7 baking sheets? Or 20 different spoons, forks, and knives? Pick one area in your kitchen because it shouldn't be an overwhelming project that needs to be completed in one day. Clear out your cabinets by donating dishes you don't need. A clean and spacious kitchen is a wonderful feeling.

2. Free Kitchen Makeover Pt. 2

When was the last time you threw out expired food? Have you cleaned out your fridge and freezer recently? It's easy to start collecting a sh*t ton of food without realizing because a lot of foods don't expire for years at a time. Clean it out. Don't throw out the good food... but... at least toss out the bad.

3. Every 'Thing' Should Have A Home

If you're like me, you leave your shoes anywhere around the front of the house FULLY AWARE there is a specific spot for shoes because why not. Put everything where it belongs. Is your coat chillin' on the chair in the kitchen? Put it back where it belongs. Did you throw the keys on the counter when you walked into the house? Put them where they belong. If you need to create a home for something, do it. Every 'thing' should have a home. You don't need to walk around the house and pick everything up, but if you're already in a room and something isn't where it belongs, put it back where it should be.

4. Always Ask Yourself...

'Have I used this in the last 18 months?' - if not, you have your answer. Get rid of it. 9/10 times I tell myself to keep clothes in my closet because someday I'll use it. 9/10 times I don't use it. This applies to anything - shoes, sheets, clothes, kitchen items, purses... I mean literally anything. If you haven't used it in 18 months, you probably just won't. Donate your stuff. Let someone else actually use it.

5. Throw Away Expired Items

Did you know even makeup has an expiration date? It's true. The picture right below this is exactly what it looks like on your product - typically written in months (M). Look for it! Did you know TOOTHPASTE EXPIRES? Even the mini travel pack ones you save from your dentist. When was the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? How old is your toothbrush? Also, skincare products. Laundry detergents. Literally anything in your kitchen. Overwhelmed? Tackle one room at a time. There's no reason you should have 3 half used bottles of Robitussin sitting in your medicine cabinet when only one of them is actually ...not...expired (unexpired? Is there a word for that? Let me know).

Once you realize these are little things that can cause clutter in your house, you eventually start to make it a habit to do this stuff anyway. Every time I grocery shop, I clean out my fridge. I also check it out before grocery shopping so I'm not getting double of the same thing. I'm still making it a habit, but I've gotten better about putting things where they belong as opposed to just throwing it anywhere in my house. Once you realize you have these weird habits, you start catching it as you're doing it. Life is already stressful as it is - don't make it worse by living in a cluttered area.


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