4 Ways To Look & Feel More Attractive

Is today just not your day? *Cue The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars* Here's some tricks to look great with minimal effort

Honestly, this post is one of the most important ones I've written because no one can relate to 'tricks to look great with minimal effort' more than me. I am constantly trying to find ways I can hack life that allows me to get the job done but the lazy way. I really don't like being this way... but I can't help it. I wanna be lazy but efficient. I'm still trying... but like... I just wanna lay all the time.

Let's get straight to it. Here are some life hacks that will not only make you look good but ALSO make you feeeeel good:

1. Lips Don't Lie: If you have sensitive skin like ~moi~, you know that wearing makeup every day will slowly destroy you. I try to avoid wearing foundation and all that as much as possible (even though I'm self conscious about my bare face). This hack isn't meant to be part of this but I just thought about how much tinted sunscreen/moisturizer has saved my life (Bobbi Brown BB Cream in particular). My skin has been THRIVING since I stopped using foundation on the regular and switched to this. Anyways, if you're planning on going out to run errands with a bare face, applying some lip color can really change your look. You just went from not caring to a quick chic look. You just went from dull af to cute af.

2. Don't Overdo The 'Poo: Misleading caption. Here's some clarity. Don't overdo the DRY SHAMPOO! Know when to stop! First of all, if you're not using it at all then disregard the caption. USE IT. It gets rid of that sticky look but ALSO adds volume. Style your hair without actually having to style it. BUT if you're overdoing the dry shampoo - stop. A stiff, ashy look is NOT. CUTE. Invest in a cute baseball hat (TJ Maxx hooks it up) if you don't have the time to wash. Or perfect your favorite up-do. Tied hair does NOT always mean lazy hair

3. Maintain Your Nails: In my opinion, one of the loudest ways to show you don't take care of yourself is with wack, chipped, half colored nails. TAKE CARE OF YOUR NAILS GIRLS! PEOPLE NOTICE! If you're unable to maintain a color, a clear coat or a nude gives a clean look without having to try so hard. I've realized the best way to keep my nails looking fresh is with acrylics. It keeps the color, it maintains a shape, and it looks A1 all the time. Hit up #Groupon to get the best deals on mani's and pedi's and save some buck$

4. Sit Up Straight: Not only is posture extremely important for our bodies, but it genuinely gives off positive vibes. Sit up straight, elongate your body, and watch yourself give off natural interest. Slouching makes you look gross and feel gross. Not to mention, it worsens your mood and makes it look like you're uninterested in everything. I mean... who doesn't wanna look confident? Sit. Up. Straight!



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