3 Steps For Smoother Legs!

Sick of not having soft, baby butt skin? Use these tips if you wanna CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

You know that feeling when your legs are freshly shaven (shaved? shaven?) and you go around DEMANDING everyone to touch them? Even though you know it's only gonna be that soft for like, 45 minutes before it feels rough again. And no, I don't mean because your hair starts growing back (well... I kinda do), but I mean in general your legs feel rough and dry and ashy... or is that just me? I know it's not just me.

Imagine having soft legs for LONGER than 45 minutes!! Here are a few tips to follow for long lasting, soft, baby booty legs:

  1. Exfoliate: This changed my life and I mean CHANGED. I never exfoliated up until like last month but it was definitely one of the best decisions I've made like... ever. Here are the gloves I just copped from Amazon. I have sensitive skin, so I'm slowly learning the best techniques for myself. For now, I've been using just water and a gentle body wash with the gloves. I also read somewhere that we've all been taught to exfoliate in a circular motion when we should actually be exfoliating in one direction because a circular motion can confuse the hair causing more in-grown hairs?!?! Does anyone know more about this? I'm always open to learning more! If I've only been doing this like, a month and I'm already raving about it, that must mean it works!

  2. Fresh Razor: Use a fresh razor regularly! It's easy to forget to swap them out but you could be causing more skin irritation without even realizing it. I shave once or twice a week (depending on area), so I switch mine up every 3ish weeks. If you're a warrior and can handle waxing (bc I definitely cannot), even better!

  3. Moisturize: This is KEY. As irritating as it is to do every day, it's important to moisturize right out of the shower so you can lock in that goodness. I use organic coconut oil and I'm silky soft once it dries up.

Once you get in the routine of doing these things, it's weird when you don't - that mostly applies for the moisturizing and exfoliating LOL. But really, try these tips out and you'll never go back!


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