3 Inspiring Ted Talks You Need When You're In A Funk

Stay positive and inspired by listening to some of my top fav Ted Talks that get me out of my quarantine funks!

Here we are... 7 months into a quarantine that we had only expected to last a few weeks. At first I wondered what I was going to do with so much extra time staying home. I'd typically start my work day by waking up at 7am and would get home around 8:30pm. By taking out commute time, staying late for projects, traffic, and everything else - I realized I needed to stay on top of the goals I had and not let myself fall into the comfortable state of simply doing *nothing*. While I love to sit and watch The Office all day, I knew eventually that would get old (okay I don't mean that. I will never get tired of The Office LOL). I've tried really hard to keep myself busy throughout these 7 months - taking advantage of being home and relaxing but also of the extra time I've been blessed with to work on some side stuff I knew I wasn't going to do if things were "normal".

But let's face it - we all have "those" days. Where we wake up and everything is just...gray. Where we have to hit snooze an extra 5 times more than normal before actually getting up. Where we aren't really in the mood to do anything and we're simply just blah. It's hard... and honestly, these "funks" keep coming and going. I thought it was just my problem until I joined Tik Tok and realized there are millions of people just like me LOL. When they were happening more frequently, I decided I needed to get up and change things. Started working out a lot more (check out my post on how to stay motivated especially during quarantine here). I started eating healthier to make myself feel better from the inside. I tried spending more time outside but HELLO, Chicago winter is about to destroy me so that's gonna stop realllll soon. Now that I've made all those changes, what else am I supposed to do to make myself snap out of it? I felt like I wasn't really moving forward with the side projects I was working on and started questioning if any of this extra, hard work is even worth it?

I don't listen to Ted Talks religiously like some, but I do enough to know that they make an impact on me. And at first I didn't think much of it but idk... there's definitely a science behind it LOL. Like when you're watching Interstellar and the song 'Cornfield Chase' starts playing, you get mad emotional and feel it. Or when someones making you feel really good and hyping you up, you genuinely feel that. When you listen to people give motivational speeches, you REALLY feel that.

So here are 3 of some of my favorite Ted Talks that have helped me get out of my dull funks and snapped me back to reality (oh there goes gravity...I'm sorry. It's automatic):

The Happy Secret To Better Work - Shawn Achor

AKA The Psychology of Positivity. Not only is Shawn hilarious but he makes some really good points. He states that if 'happiness is on the other side of success, our brains will never get there'. If you get good grades, don't take away that happiness by convincing yourself that you now need to get better grades. If you have a good job, don't take away your happiness by pushing yourself to get a better job. He also suggests ways on how to rewire your brain to work more optimistically and successfully. Check out his talk here.

The 3 A's of Awesome - Neil Pasricha

This one is a simple concept but one that we need to be reminded of every once in a while. We only have a limited amount of time on this Earth to enjoy all the things to be grateful for. Neil shares 3 ways to live a truly "Awesome" life. Check out his talk here.

The Hidden Power of Smiling - Ron Gutman

Now... this isn't a typical motivational or inspiring video, but it's just a reminder to smile more. I know, sounds cheesy but it's true. According to Darwin, his theory states that 'the act of smiling itself actually makes us feel better, rather than smiling being merely a result of feeling good'. Not only does smiling trick your brain into genuinely feeling good, but it's got health benefits too! Live a longer and happier life just with a smile. Check out his talk here.

No matter what you're going through, allow others to inspire you to be and feel better. We don't have to always battle with our thoughts and emotions alone. Reach out to friends and family when you're feeling down. Read your favorite book. Get some fresh air and some sun. Jam to your favorite songs. Watch inspiring videos. The truth is, we all feel these funks and it's hard to push through them. Don't underestimate the power of someone else's inspiring words to help you get up and kick some a**. You've got this!


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