3 Boozy Drinks To Try At Home This Halloween

Staying home this Halloween? Gather a few friends and try these boozy drinks right in your kitchen!

I'm a huge fan of dressing up and going out for Halloween. My best friend and I have been matching for the last like... 6 years. So to find out that we probably won't be celebrating these year - it's really upsetting. I love seeing how creative people get with their costumes, I love the makeup, I love the music, and I love Thriller (I low key listen to it year-round but during Halloween-time people don't look at me like I'm crazy).

I was trying to think of some ways I could still enjoy the day (for those of us that don't feel comfortable being inside restaurants and bars yet). Why not celebrate by getting with a few friends and trying out some fun, spooky drinks? You could basically bring the party to yourself. Crank up the music, go all out dressing up, make some bomb a** drinks that you'd actually enjoy.... oh, and save A TON of money. I don't know about your city, but in Chicago it's like $15 a drink at least without a wristband and you gotta wait forever just to get one. Remind me why I choose to go out every year again? LOL.

So I've used my dear friend Pinterest to find 3 drinks that you can easily make at home to enjoy this special occasion. Try these out and let me know what you think:

1. Red Wine Sangria

1 Bottle Red Wine

Fruit (frozen or fresh): red & green apples, cherries, oranges


Soak overnight

To serve: 2 cups club soda and 3 bottles Mikes Hard Black Cherry Lemonade

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2. Black Magic Margarita

Black sanding sugar (optional)


Tequila & Triple Sec

Lime Juice

Blue, Red, Green food coloring


Rim glasses with lime juice and black sanding sugar (optional)

Pour in alcohol and add food coloring until desired dark color

Throw in ice

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3. Skeleton In Your Closet

Pineapple and mango juice


Tropical Schnapps or Blue Curacao


Add ice and then 1 part pineapple and 1 part mango juice

Add in tequila and tropical schnapps/blue curacao

Shake/stir and serve

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Try these drinks out and let me know what you think! They're fun, colorful, and taste way better than your average Vodka Soda. You also get to control how sweet or strong your drink is - always a plus! Hope you enjoy your Halloween and stay safe!


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