10 Budget Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Ever heard the phrase 'ballin on a budget'? LIVE. IT. Let me teach you some of the easiest ways to upgrade your lifestyle without spending mad bucks

We all want to live a more lavish lifestyle but don't always have the budget for the best things on the market. What if I told you... you don't actually need to spend a sh*t ton of money to look and feel good? It's true. I'm here to teach you some of the easiest ways to upgrade your lifestyle without having to set aside massive chunks of your paychecks to actually do it.

Let's get one thing clear though - living a luxurious life doesn't always mean you have to have all the money in the world to do it. Start with your mindset. It's not always about not knowing which diamond necklace to choose from to go out that night or renting out a private island for you and your friends. Sometimes it just means being able to spend one weekend a month in a hotel you've never stayed at before (a goal of mine hehe) or getting to plan a trip out of country twice a year. Think about it - what does living a luxurious life mean to you? Whether you're on a budget or not, here are some ways to feel like you are because let's be honest... living a luxurious life isn't always about having expensive things. It's a feeling we get, right?

So here we go - 10 budget friendly ways to upgrade your lifestyle:

Travel: Take advantage of booking Mystery Hotel Deals. This is where you book a hotel without knowing which one you'll get for a really good deal. They typically will tell you you'll get one out of the four hotels listed and include hotel ratings and amenities so at least you have SOME idea. I've gotten some of my best deals at really nice hotels using this feature. I like to use Hotwire or Priceline.

Travel: Plan your trips off season. Cheap flights, cheap hotels, and you won't be in as much of a crowd (ahem... no long lines or sold out tours!!!!!)

Beauty: Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be a $300 product investment with constant face peels and treatments. Drink plenty of water, moisturize, constantly clean your brushes (I mean it), and change your pillow cases and sheets often. Bonus: Sleep on a fresh towel every night to soak up some extra grease if you got nasty skin like me.

Beauty: Learn how to do makeup PROPERLY. The key word is properly. Yes, most of us know how to throw on some foundation, blush, and eyeliner. But are you applying your blush in a way that lifts your face? Does your eyeliner make your eyes bigger or smaller? There isn't ONE way to put on makeup, so turn on some YouTube and practice (and practice some more) until you're perfect. Also, you don't need designer products to look good. Google drugstore products with the best reviews and save your money.

Fashion: Tailor your clothes!!! But be smart about it. Find some basic pieces that can go with anything. You'll be able to wear them more because of how well they go with any outfit AND you'll look fab wearing something so well fitted.

Fashion: Pay attention to details. Carry a mini lint-roller, make sure your clothes are ironed, are your nails busted? Invest in some no-chip polish instead of regular to prevent having to paint your nails every other day due to constant chipping. Make sure your shoes aren't scuffed or falling apart. These may seem like small details but people notice. Looking good can truly make you feel good. You'll realize how easy it is to look better just by paying attention to little details. Check out my blog post on How To Un-Ruin Your Outfit In 3 Easy Steps.

Home: Upgrade your shower head so it reminds you of a nice hotel or spa. Use exfoliating gloves (which I talk about and provide a link to the best ones in this blog post), and buy that really good smelling soap that makes you feel like a million bucks. Enjoy your showers! You don't always need to go to a spa to feel relaxed and fresh.

Home: Buy original art to hang up in your home. Attending art fairs during the summer is a great pass-time and you can find some great (and cheap) stuff. Buying original art adds tasteful spunk to your home and could end up being worth a lot in the future. You don't need an original Dalí painting hung up in your home to feel luxurious. Local art is just as beautiful!

Entertainment: Add some variety to your typical nights out and find discounted tickets to comedy shows, music fests, and painting classes. I've used Goldstar hundreds of times for free comedy nights at places like Laugh Factory and Second City (OG spot of alumni like Tina Fey and Steve Carell) or Do312 (specific to Chicago but the DoStuff app is for other big cities). You can also find cheap tickets to Broadway shows and events at museums.

Entertainment: Hang out at hotels. I don't know what about hotels makes me feel alive and rich, but you don't have to actually stay there to still feel that way. Grab a drink at that rooftop bar on the top floor of the hotel, read a book in the hotel lounge, snack on some apps and people watch in the hotel restaurant. Skip out on the small burger and taco joints once in a while (even though they're delicious), and experience something new. You end up meeting lots of great people too!

BONUS: Check out this blog post on How I Do My Grocery Shopping On A Budget for extra money-saving tips coming from a food blogger (me!)

To live a luxurious lifestyle all depends on you! If you want to splurge on a thing or two, plan it in your budget. Keep in mind how you're spending your money. Do experiences bring more value to you or buying new things? Whatever it is, plan for it and make it happen! Having a lot of money isn't the only way you can live luxuriously. You just gotta learn how to upgrade your lifestyle in a way that allows you to enjoy yourself without emptying your bank account. I think it's the smarter thing to do either way :)


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