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Hi Everyone! My name is Vasudha. Not the hardest name to read and try to pronounce but it's up there. Here's some help: vuh-sue-duh.


Now that that's out of the way, here's why I'm here. I'm your average 9-5 working gal that moved back to the suburbs after living in a big city for 4 years... which can only mean one thing - boredom. I started my Instagram fashion page because I didn't have a social event every 3 days to dress up for anymore. Realizing my clothes to events ratio was ridiculously off, I created the page to at least get a picture of the 'fit. Then I suddenly got super into cooking... and then started Pinterest-ing religiously and learned life hacks and tips 'n' tricks and all this other fun stuff. I told you guys... I got bored. 


I thought about it - why not share all this knowledge with the world? Like... I love fashion hacks. I love learning tips to travel for cheap. I love finding ways to improve myself everyday. Also hey, I'm a broke post college grad student. I know I'm not alone. Why wouldn't the rest of you wanna know this stuff too?

So hi! Follow me on my journey of spreading my *constant* growing knowledge about how to live a high end life on a budget! Plus, lots of yummy recipes. You can't go wrong with that. 

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